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POP3 e-mail configuration is best for customers who use their E-Mail from one computer. With POP3 all messages are typically downloaded from the server without a copy left behind. It can be configured in E-Mail programe, that a copy will be left to the server.

When sending messages with POP3 account a copy of a message is NOT created on the server.


IMAP stores messages directly on the mail server, even after you've accessed your e-mail from your home computer. Since the mail stays on the server, you can access the same mailbox from any other Internet-connected computer.

IMAP account type is especially common when using E-Mail in mobile devices (laptops, tablets, phones).

When sending messages with IMAP account a copy of a message is created on the server.


All Radicenter E-Mail service users can use the SMTP (outgoing mail server) with their own domain name.

In that case you do not depend when sending messages (for example laptop or tablet) from the settings of your Internet service provider.