Moving account to cPanel is quite easy. This page is ment especially to Radicenter webhosting customers who are using DirectAdmin at the moment. New environment takes time to get used to, but main functions and features are the same.

1. How migration to cPanel works?
Migration to cPanel is automatic free service under our services (between our servers with different control panel!). All website files, databases, emails will be automatically migrated to new server. There is no sepperate notification before migration – after migration customer will receive automatic notification e-mail to his/her contact e-mail (stated in customer details)
(Notification e-mail will include more info how to access new server and what must be changed (if needed) for everything to function properly))

Important information before moving to cPanel:

A. Domains will be directed to cPanel server and will work within 1 hour after successful migration..
With webhosting account migration to new server, also websites IP will change to new one. New IP address is found in the notification email, sent after migration!
If Your domain(s) is not using Radicenter nameservers – after migration You should change all DNS A entries to new server IP.

B. If You are using https and/or private_html folder – those files are migrated to cPanel server also. As cPanel uses https out of public_html folder only (public_html folder has native both http and https support), files under private_html should be moved to/under public_html folder before or after cPanel migration!

C. Existing SSL certificates are not migrated to new serveraccount (should be moved separately!) – cpanel uses/generates free Comodo AutoSSL certificates (SECURITY – SSL/TLS Status) for every domain name. There may be delay for AutoSSL activation after certificate generation after migration. To properly support AutoSSL generation on domain names, public_html folder must not be password_protected nor using mod_rewrite rules that do not allow access under special subfolders (…/.well-known/…)!

D. Before account migration to new server, we suggest to check and delete all non-essential data from old useraccount (includes old/not needed: files, databases, email accounts, domain names, etc.). This would help Your account to be migrated more quickly and helps You to keep Your account more safe and clean.

2. What will change ?
– Websites will resolve and function as normal
– E-mails will work and function as normal
– Users that are using PHP5.3 will get more secure solution.
– Webmail will have Groupware webmail native functionality via Horde webmail
– Customers can track e-mails.
– Customers who are using/including files on websites outside of public_html folder, must re-check website functionality!

PHP version
After migration to cPanel servers all accounts/domains default PHP version will be PHP 5.6
Via cPanel, You chan change Your needed PHP version between: 5.3, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 ja 7.2

E-mail and FTP will work via properly only via SSL/TLS connection.

If You are using e-mail program (Outlook, Thunderbird, mobiiltelefonide rakendused) – You should use Your own domain name for incoming and outgoing server name (as: mail.yourdomain.tld). After migration You should change existing mail-server name to domain-based name (as: mail.yourdomain.tld or yourdomain.tld).
Secure mail-server ports should be used (POP3 995, IMAP 993, SMTP 587 – TLS (or 465 – SSL))

Many usable resources under cPanel account depend on ordered account limits (incl. but not only: inode count, disk quota, RAM, CPU). cPanel basic package will differ from DirectAdmin! DirectAdmin packages will be converted upon account migration to cPanel packages, based on accounts current resource usage. More info about new cPanel packages can be found on page:

3. What will not be moved/migrated?
As control panels are somewhat different – some services/functionality can not be moved automatically via account migration:

– SSL certificates. SSL certificates will not be migrated. New free Comodo AutoSSL certificates will be generated automatically after migration.
– Majordomo mailinglists. cPanel does not have Majordomo mailinglists. In their place new ones should be created with Mailman mailinglists (more updated, functional and secure than old Majordomo).
– Private IP’s.
– CRON’s
– Aliasdomains DNS entries
– Roundcube addressbooks (webmail users can export addressbooks from old webmail server prior migration and import them after migration to new mailserver/webmail)

Important additional info

More info can be found regarding cpanel from:

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