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Most customers have probably heard that old PHP versions are slow and contain vulnerabilities. Many web hosting providers are terminating support for old PHP versions, forcing the website owner to upgrade their website or search for a friendlier service provider. Radicenter has a solution for those who have no choice but to use the old version – Hardened PHP.

Hardened PHP is the functionality of Radicenter’s cPanel servers that comes with CloudLinux software, providing security solution for old and unsupported versions of PHP.

Hardened PHP improves old PHP versions so that you are not forced to change scripts written for older PHP versions. In the worst case scenario, the website will stop working if the service provider terminates support for the old version of PHP.

NB! Hardened PHP does not make an unsafe website secure! Although the security holes in the PHP version have been fixed, the security vulnerability in your website’s PHP script may still exist.

Hundreds of vulnerabilities have been fixed by CloudLinux that have been detected in PHP versions that do not have official support.

PHP versions:

Version Released Official support until HardenedPHP support
5.3.19 30.06. 2009 14.08. 2014 Valid
5.6.19 28.08. 2014 31.12. 2018 Valid
7.0 3.12. 2015 3.12. 2018 Valid
7.1.19 1.12. 2016 1.12. 2019 Valid
7.2.19 30.11. 2017 30.11. 2020 Valid

All these PHP versions are available in Radicenter servers. 

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