You can use two addresses to enter cPanel:

1. Server’s address, for example: “” (where X should be replaced by a letter a-z, address has been sent to you via e-mail after you have ordered the web hosting)
2. Customer owned domain, for example: “” (address ending “” should be your personal domain name)

cPanel username and password have been sent to you via e-mail.
To restore cPanel access, you need to know the username.
Username is visible in customer area, under “Web Hosting” menu.
Usename is in form of np**** or r**** (**** is a number).

1. To restore your cPanel access, go to cPanel login page and click on the “Reset Password” link.
2. Enter your webhosting username in the “Username” field and then click on the “Reset Password” button.
Usename is in form of np**** or r**** (**** is a number).
3. On the next page, please enter your customer account contact e-mail address in the “Contact Email Address” field.
If You are not sure, which e-mail address is your customer account contact e-mail, then look at the hint in this field.
After you have entered correct contact e-mail, click on the “Send Security Code” button.
4. cPanel will send the security code (in about 5 minutes) to the customer account contact e-mail. After receiving the security code, enter it to the “Security Code” field and click on the “Submit” button.
5. After a successful verification, you will be redirected to the password reset page where you need to enter the new cPanel password twice in the “New Password” and “Confirm password” fields. After the password has been entered, click on the “Set Password” button.
(NB! Please check also password strength indicator – system does not allow weak passwords!)
6. Now the new password is set and you can log on to cPanel.

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